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Recommendation in English for the SH programme

Bartók Béla Faculty of Music, University of Miskolc


The Hungarian music culture is deservedly recognised all over the world, since Hungarian music education follows in the footsteps such prestigious predecessors as Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály.

 Our music faculty offers a six-semester BA programme to those who have a secondary school leaving certificate and meet the admission requirements, which mainly include practiccal examinations. Welcome are students who have had some classical music background in any of the 20 announced programmes and are dedicated to learning classical music.

In possession of our BA degree, they can work as a performing artist anywhere in the world or can study for an MA in Music education and/or an MA in Music Performance in Hungary or anywhere in the world.

We look forward to seeing you at the Bartók Béla Faculty of Music of the University of Miskolc in Hungary, where the academic staff are artist-teachers, music academy graduates with extensive experience, most of whom also hold a doctorate in performing arts (DLA).  In addititon to your chosen instrument,the faculty offers you the opportunity to perform in symphonic, string and wind orchestras, early music, guitar and percussion ensembles as well as in choirs in our beautiful neobaroque Palace of Music, on campus as well in Miskolc and in the region.



Year of accreditation:  2007

Admission requirements: The admission requirements are available in the call on our website: a video must be sent according to the announcement of the given programme. If you receive a positive assessment, you will be invited for an online theoretical examination and interview.

Details of entrance examination: The requirements for the pre-recorded music material are availble in the announcement of the given programme. If you pass the examination in your major, you will be invited for an online theoretical solfeggio-harmonics examination and interview.


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